Hop Varieties We Grow Organically


Alpha acid 5-7%

Bold, floral, citrusy aroma and flavour. Most widely grown American C “aroma” hop.


Alpha acid 7-12%

Is incredibly well-rounded and useful for bittering, flavor, aroma, and dry-hopping. It quickly developed the nickname Super Cascade for its vibrant citrus and soft pine characteristics.


Alpha acid 3.5-5%

A fine German “noble” hop. Herbal, spicy, mildly woody aromas and flavours. A good choice for bittering, flavor and/or aroma in all German style ales and lagers.

Mount Hood

Alpha acid 4-7%

Another daughter of Hallertau Mittelfruh.


Alpha acid 11-14%

Heavy, spicy, herbal aroma, strong bittering hop.


Alpha acid 5.5-7%

Developed to mimic the character of Tettnanger with higher level of alpha acids. Herbal with a pronounced spicy flavour.